Corporate Law

Reservitz McCluskey has formed and represented Massachusetts corporations for decades. Incorporating your business provides crucial liability protection as well as potential income tax savings. If you are just starting a business or are already established, our firm can help form the appropriate and most advantageous type of corporation, advise you on the right corporate structure to fit your business or convert existing entities depending on changes in client needs.

The process to form a Massachusetts Corporation must only be done once and should be done correctly. The attorneys and paralegals at Reservitz McCluskey have formed every type of corporation possible and can guide clients through the process quickly. Most small and midsize businesses benefit from either an IRS Subchapter S or C Corporation or an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). Despite common belief, the 3 entities offer identical liability protection but they each offer different characteristics that may be an advantage or disadvantage to your business.

Our firm is happy to provide a free consultation on all corporate matters to help your business succeed.